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Rodney Burger, M.S., NCC, LIMHP

Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner



Mr. Burger has over twenty years of experience working with individuals and families in crisis. He currently is working in private practice where he provides therapeutic services for children, adolescents, adults and their families.


Mr. Burger works closely with the legal system, providing therapy for adolescents and adults who have been, or are, in danger of adjudication. Mr. Burger also works with foster families in which the children are in danger of either being removed from the home or are in the process of being reunited with their family of origin.


Mr. Burger has earned a no-nonsense, common sense, and caring reputation. He has a keen ability to separate contrived behavior from reality. Mr. Burger is a Nationally Certified Counselor, Board Certified Professional Counselor, Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor, Board Certified PTSD clinician, and is an approved provider for Douglas County Juvenile Probation.


Mr. Burger is trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), use of the Pathways Treatment Program for youth with sexual behavior problems, and in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Level 1.


Mr. Burger is a member in good standing with the American Counseling Association (ACA), Nebraska Counseling Association (NCA), International Association of Marriage and Family counselors (IAMFC), National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), National Association for Forensic Counselors (NAFC), International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation (IOCDF), International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP), and the American Psychotherapy Association (APA).

Rodney Burger, M.S., NCC, LIMHP

Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

Rodney Burger received his Bachelor of Arts with a major in
Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1991. He received his Masters of Science in Counseling from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1995.

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